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The Concepts of Right and Wrong in Confucianism and Taoism

Frdiay was both hot and humid. Yet despite the sweat sticking stubbornly to my forehead, I went to the HKSHP talk that night. It was a talk by Dr. Chan Chi Kwan ( 陳志鈞), a retired professor of the College of Education. It … Continue reading

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Punishment of Crime or Crime of Punishment?

Steven Pinker has always been a very readable author. I first read him when he wrote The Language Instinct (94). His next book I read was concerned with my favourite subject, the mind: How the Mind Works (97). So when I saw The Blank State: The … Continue reading

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Sexual Morality

Sex is eternally interesting and fascinating.  In the Middle Ages, it was interesting privately precisely because it was taboo. It was something that one did but never talked about, except perhaps in the hush-hush of the confessional. In the 1960’s it was … Continue reading

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