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The Holographic Brain

David Bohm has proposed that the universe in which we exist may have reality only as a sea of energy waves and what we perceive as "objects" may have no more "reality" to them than as the holographic images our … Continue reading

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A Snapshot on Empathy

Thousands jumped from their seat, hugged each other, their sparkling eyes narrowed into thin lines and the corners of their mouth curled up into big broad smiles, some of them throwing their caps or T-shirts or beer cans into the air, others vigorously … Continue reading

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Panakeia and Hygea

In the concluding chapter of The Healing Brain, "Of Hardiness, Coherence and Stability", Orstein and Sobel list out various factors which may help us cope with stress and illnesses. They quote Albert Schweitzer’s answer.  When queried at the end of his … Continue reading

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Blitzed or Bored

How many times have we read that the conditions of modern life are stressful that we really must slow down if we do not wish to develop cancer and other stress-related diseases? They have repeated such advice to us for so long … Continue reading

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To Believe or Not to Believe

When was the last time you succeeded in changing somebody else’s way of looking at a problem? How did you manage to do it? Think. If you succeeded, was it because the object of your persuasion somehow already believe in … Continue reading

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Personality and Illness

Chinese medicine has long advocated a balanced life and aims to treat not just the disease but improve the health of the patient as a whole. Its methods are holistic, not piecemeal. Western medicine is beginning to catch up and has begun … Continue reading

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Music and the Temporal Lobes

Reading another chapter of Musicophila last night has certainly deepened my understanding of that wonderful addition to the human brain, the temporal lobes.   In this 27th chapter, Sacks recounts his experience with an elderly Latvian woman, Vera B, suffering from inter alia, severe … Continue reading

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