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Rilke’s von den fontänen雷爾來爾的『噴泉』

I read one of Rainer Maria Rilke‘s poems last night. According to the Wikipedia, René Karl Wilhem Johan Josef Maria Rilke (1875-1926) was a Bohemian-Austrian poet and one of its most significant. He is considered as a transitional figure between traditional romantic poetry and … Continue reading

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Yu Guangzhong’s “As Neighbor of the Sea” 余光中的『與海為鄰』

The sea has always fascinated me by its vastness, its gentleness, its beauty, its power, its mysteries and its romances. What does Yu Guangzhong think? Let’s find out from the poem “As the neighbor of the sea”. 與海為鄰                        As neighbor of … Continue reading

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The Tao of Flow

Friday night, I attended a talk at the HKSHP by Dr.Chan Pui Yin (陳沛然) . It was an excellent talk. I learned a great deal. The talk was entitled “平常心是道” (The Tao is Casualness or The Natural flow is Tao). Although … Continue reading

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Chou Meng-tieh’s “Angling” 周夢蝶的『垂釣』

Attending a talk on Zen wisdom last night piqued my interest in Zen-ish poetry. So I read a short poem by a Taiwanese poet born in Xichuan county of Henan (河南省淅川縣) called Chou Meng-tieh  周夢蝶 (b. 1921) originally called 周起述. According to … Continue reading

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Ya Yin’s “To Matisse” II. III 瘂弦的『獻給馬蒂斯』

Cont’d II 虹的日子 你詮釋脫下的女衫的芬芳的靜寂 你詮釋乳房內之黑暗 (一朵花盛住整個的夜晚!) 你詮釋被吻啃蝕的頸項。十二時以後的 他們的眼總容易是風信子 自你炙熱的掌中她們用大塊的紅色呼救 你微笑,匆急如第一次 描一席波斯地毯在別人妻子的房裏 而徐了脂肪跟抱怨 在翹搖們被中的租來的遊戲 除了每晚為一個人躺下;馬蒂斯 早晨並不永恆 她們已無需意義   這一切都是過客 他們全部的歴史止於燈下修指中的姿態 甚至河也有一個身體,由速度作成 而在她們髮茨間甚麽也沒有誕生 黃昏。鐘鳴七句 沒有人行將死於甚麽。沒有消息 而你塗繪她們成為那樣彼等並無所知;  面對你玄色的素描老愛問: 素馨嗎?是素馨嗎?是素馨花啊 (回答她們的頂多是一群辧晚報的男人!)  只有你,馬蒂斯 簽你的名字在她們癡肥的腳上 給她們一張臉 一聲噓息 II Days of rainbow You were interpreting the fragrant … Continue reading

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The thick red curtains on the stage was lowered in a darkened theatre. A European man in a dark cape, loose white shirt, a long black swallow-tail with a red silk lapel and a top hat appeared with a wand on his hand. He bowed to … Continue reading

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Cockaigne & Chinautriche

I was busy reading Chinese poetry Sunday and had to attend a talk on hypnotherapy last night, so the Cockaigne, Chinautriche and Chinglish experience at the Cultural Centre last Saturday had to wait till this morning. The HKPO concert was again conducted by … Continue reading

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