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What is Real

What is real? What is unreal? What is objective? What is subjective?  What is appearance? What is reality? What is an image of reality? What is a reflection of reality? Can we ever access reality? Or are we confined to … Continue reading

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Creativity and the Whole of Life

Krishnamurti and Buddhism. Today I checked on another book written by him, but jointly with another scientist philosopher David Bohm called Science, Order and Creativity: A Dynamic New Look at the Creative Roots of Science and Life (1987). I got an … Continue reading

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The Blackwinged Night

I was attracted by the cover of a book. The background is all black. Its upper two thirds are occupied by a gray circle described by a band of about half an inch and whose left side slides down the left margin … Continue reading

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A Tiring Sunday

Sunday was an extremely tiring day. In the morning, I went to the weekly mass at the Cathedral.  I had to resist with the utmost difficulties from falling asleep listening to the boring and unimaginative sermon on the proper way to pray from … Continue reading

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Zen for Happiness (快活禪)

When one thinks of Zen, the usual image that rises upon the horizon of one’s mind may well be that of a bald headed monk in a brown or black loose fitting robe sitting cross-legged in a lotus position with half or completely closed eyes inside some mountain … Continue reading

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Borges’ Blindness

Whilst still on the subject of blindness, Borges has written something directly on how he felt about it and also on how blindness may have affected Milton. Here is the first of them. Sobre su ceguera                                            On His Blindness                            瞎眼一二 Al … Continue reading

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Benjamin Schmid in HK

The HKPO may have terminated its concert season. But I have not. Last Saturday, I attended another concert. I rushed from Shamshuipo after a talk on the meaning of life by the HKSHP to the City Hall. I was just … Continue reading

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