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The Need to Confront our Shadow

Not everyone is a Christian. But everyone is a sinner. In a sense, we are all sinners, not only against others, but also against ourselves. But as taught by Jesus, though not necessarily in the way he preached, there can be salvation. The … Continue reading

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Know Your Own Shadow

I have talked about the demon, the daimon or our shadow and how it may unconsciously wreak havoc in our lives and in the lives of others without our knowing about how it works,without our being aware of it. We … Continue reading

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A Lone Violin outside the Cathedral

I stared loneliness in the face, outside of the Cathedral Sunday morning. He appeared in the tiny porch at the side of the Cathedral, waiting for the rain to stop. I was there too for the same purpose. I didn’t bring … Continue reading

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Prokofiev and Yuja Wang

I am both unhappy and happy this week. I missed the performance of Krystian Zimerman on Wednesday evening! And not for lack of a ticket! It never happened before. I blame it on our electoral reforms. When I was leaving the … Continue reading

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Something Light for a Friday

Thank God, it’s Friday. What with the political agitation and hullaballo outside our Legislative Assembly Building the night before last with its truckloads of abusive language and the excessive show of "emotions" for what should otherwise be a fairly "serious" … Continue reading

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A New Brain for a New Century?

The recent political debate has prompted me to explore the mysteries of the human brain: how it works, how it may affect our emotions, our thinking and through our thinking, our action through our memory, belief systems and how the … Continue reading

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Why Believe

As long as we live, we have to believe in something or other. Yet hardly a day passes by without our witnessing ourselves disagreeing with our fellow men on one issue or another. John may think the movie Entering The Void so exciting that … Continue reading

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