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A Quarrelsome Century for Chinese Culture

The 20th century has not been an easy century for Chinese scholars and philosophers. For them, China underwent two revolutions, the so-called democratic and nationalist revolution of 1911 under the leadership of the Nationalist Sun YatSen in which the totterring imperial system … Continue reading

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A Perspective on HK/Taiwan Cultural Philosophy

I just read another chapter of "The Cultural Moment of Philosophy" by Hung Hiu Nam (洪曉楠) under the title "A Perspective on HK/Taiwan Culutral Philosophy (港台文化哲學透視).    According to Hung, he had already written two books on this subject previously … Continue reading

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The Coming Era of the Post Modern Confucians

My interest in Confucianism was kindled by a movie about Confucius I saw at the HKSHP last Sunday afternoon.  It was a USD2.8M PRC production to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PRC, with Chow Yun Fat playing … Continue reading

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Neruda’s Oda a la naranja ( Ode to the orange 橘子頌)

 Having done the apple, it’s now the turn of the orange. Here it is with my translations. Oda a la naranja                 Ode to the Orange                        橘子頌 A semijanza tuya,                       In your likeness,                           橘子a tu imagen,                                in your image,                              世界肖你naranja,                                       orange,                                        像你se hizo el mundo:                        the … Continue reading

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Berezovsky in Hong Kong

Without a doubt, the highlight of Saturday’s concert at the Cultural Centre was Tchaikovsky‘s Piano Concerto No.1 in B flat minor,. Boris Berezovsky, who won the god at the International Tchaikovsky Competition in 1990, some 20 years ago. He has … Continue reading

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Neruda’s Oda a la papa (Ode to the Papa 薯仔頌) 3

Honrada eres                                       You are honest                                                     你是誠實的    como                                                   like                                                                       猶如 un                                                        a                                                                           一隻 mano                                                   hand                                                                     在泥土工作中的 que trabaja en la tierra,                        which works on the soil,                                        手, familiar                                                you are                                                                  你猶若  eres como                                            familiar like                                                           一只母雞般 una gallina,                                         a hen,                                                                    那麽尋常,  compacta como … Continue reading

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Neruda’s Oda a la papa (Ode to the Papa 薯仔頌).2

Here’s the continuation of the poem:   Papa,                                                       Papa                                                          薯仔, materia                                                    sweet                                                         甜絲絲的 dulce,                                                      material,                                                    物料, alemendra                                               the almond                                                 大地 de                                                           of                                                               之 la tierra,                                                  the earth,                                                    扁桃, la madre                                                 the mother                                                  在那兒 allí                                                          there                                                           母親 no tuvo                                                   didn’t have                                                  沒有 metal muerto,                                          deadly metal,                                              可置死的金屬 , allí en la oscura                                       … Continue reading

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