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Further Quantum Realities

The more I read about quantum realities, the more I find it fascinating. Hilbert also discusses other peculiar features of such quantum realities in his introductory text. According to Hilbert, the "attributes" of classical objects (objects viewed from the point … Continue reading

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Quantum Reality

The quantum world is really a very strange world. Physicists have been debating on the nature of quantum "reality" ever since the kind of mathematical calculations based on its wave theories have been found more empirically correct than if mathematical formulas based … Continue reading

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Quantum Week

Yesterday I said I would deal with the Synthesis Theorem and other quantum matters. I’ll do that now. It seems that what I orginally intended as just a long quantum weekend must now be extended into an entire quantum week! … Continue reading

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A Long Quantum Weekend

It’s good that one has a holiday from time to time. The build up of mail, electronic or print can be cleared, dirty clothes washed, the imperceptibly accumulating chaos of assorted papers either filed or thrown away, played CDs lying … Continue reading

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An Ode to Life

 It’s wonderful to be alive. And even better if one is able to celebrate life with music. Edo de Waart did, with the HKPO, at the Cultural Centre, last night. He celebrated with Mahler. And the audience!   For a long … Continue reading

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The Holographic Brain

David Bohm has proposed that the universe in which we exist may have reality only as a sea of energy waves and what we perceive as "objects" may have no more "reality" to them than as the holographic images our … Continue reading

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Holographic Universe

Those of us who have seen laser shows on a dark city night sky or over the harbour or in a museum light display will know how beautiful three-dimensional shapes can be conjured out of apparently nothing. The various figures just literally … Continue reading

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