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Is Infinity Really Intelligble?

Astronomers tell us that the universe may well be forever expanding into larger and larger outerspaces, into infinity. Theologians tell us that God has existed in all eternity and that definitely he will continue to exist infinitely in time, that … Continue reading

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The Paradox of Fundamentalism

To my mind, ancient religions of strict adherence to the Bible/Koran. as the word of God, literal religious and moral exhortations together with messages of peace, love,and hope being preached in professionally managed pop concert style mass rally stadia, or halls,  on television,  with music, prayer, … Continue reading

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Whenever we cannot find any carefully thought out rational explanations for our behavior, we would say that we are guided by our instincts, especially in situations where there is little time for any meaningful reflection. But what exactly is instinct? … Continue reading

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Poundstone on Paradox

William Poundstone’s The Labyrinths of Reason, subtitled Paradox, Puzzles and the Frailty of Knowledge (1991) is an unusual book. It is not about any particular topics. It covers a variety of subjects all loosely connected with reason, logic and how … Continue reading

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All a Question of Time

What is time? Some think of it as something subjective. Others think of it as objective? Some think of it as having a beginning and an end. Others think that there is a beginning but no end and infinite in only one … Continue reading

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Punishment of Crime or Crime of Punishment?

Steven Pinker has always been a very readable author. I first read him when he wrote The Language Instinct (94). His next book I read was concerned with my favourite subject, the mind: How the Mind Works (97). So when I saw The Blank State: The … Continue reading

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Tackling Evil

I did not not have a great deal of time last night because of a social engagement and went to bed early. I only had time to read a short article by Lilianne Frey-Rohn called "How to Deal with Evil". It … Continue reading

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