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From Jesus to Christ

There is a need to bring Jesus Christ down to earth again. This calls for a second Reformation, 400 years after the first. And it is about time too. For too long, Jesus has been elevated from a man to one … Continue reading

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The God of Science or Science for God?

Last night, I read another chapter of a book which touches two of my favourite subjects: the brain and God, Matthew Alper’s The God Part of the Brain: A Scientific Interpretation of Human Spirituality and God (1996, 2006, 2008). It’s chapter … Continue reading

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A Window on Whitehead

Saturday was special. I went to a talk at the Castle Peak Road headquarters of the HK Taoist Asscociation in Cheung Sha Wan. It was the third talk on the philosophy of A N Whitehead by Dr. Lau Kwai Biu of the HKSHP … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Some Religious People

It is usually much easier to find out what is wrong with some things or some people than what is right. The reason is simple. Things and people which are wrong stick out, like  sore thumbs. They are as Sartre … Continue reading

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The Rozhdestvensky Legend

The applause at the Cultural Centre for the Rozhdestvenskies was thunderous at the conclusion of each piece. It was also one of the longest for quite some time. It was thunderous and long for good reasons. But the elder and younger Rodhestvenky deserved … Continue reading

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A Bargain with the Devil

For the first time in 20 years, I got drunk. It was not a good feeling. I vomited on the pavement. To reward 5 of my young male staff for helping me with a case which involves the English translation of some … Continue reading

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The Age of Perplexed Parents

Parenting at the best of times has never been easy. But it was easier in the 1950s Hong Kong. At that time, parents were so busy working on the simple problem of trying to put together enough rice and vegetable … Continue reading

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