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Beyond Good and Evil

Man is born free, yet everywhere, he is in chains. I still remember these words as Mr. McLachlan, one of the few HKU lecturers I admired and whom I count as my mentor, adopted as his opening words on a lecture on Rousseau‘s … Continue reading

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The Vanishing Philosopher

Philosophers were an extremely important and visible part of public life in Ancient Greece. Philosophers advised city cousellors, future generals and taught rulers and future kings and emperors.  It is no longer so. What happened? I try to find out. I turned to … Continue reading

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Anna Caterina Antonacci & the HKPO

Finally got some time to relax after another hectic week at the office. I rushed to the much publicized and long awaited event of Anna Caterina Antonacci as one of the 3 "Glamour" divas at the Cultural Centre after Jack So’s elder daughter’s … Continue reading

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What is Truth

The probelm of what is truth has been piquing the mind of thinking men from the moment that language was invented. Some think that the truth is independent of man  e.g. Plato and Aristotle and is somehow "out there" inhabiting … Continue reading

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The Confucian, the Buddhist and the Taoist Concepts of Being

Last night was another unusually fruitful night. I attended the third talk organized by the HK Society of Humanist Philosophy in its 2009 series of public talks. It was very well attended. The little lecture room was filled to capacity. The late … Continue reading

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The Paranoid’s World

We may all have experience from time to time of some people who always think that others are out to get them, to embarrass them, to make them lose face, to sabotage their work or make trouble for them. These people are … Continue reading

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The Death of Socrates

Socrates died as he lived, calm, unhurried, unharassed and philosophic: a true lover of wisdom (philo: love sophia: wisdom). We know because we have a record of it in the form of Phaedo or Phaidon, a part of Plato’s Dialogues. … Continue reading

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