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Near Death Experience

When I switched on the gawk box last night, I was quite surprised when I discovered that the Discovery Science Channel was screening a short program on Near Death Experience ( "NDE"). Brain scientists and anaesthesiologists  have now done some experiments to try … Continue reading

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A Mozart Spin Off

It’s Sunday morning again. Sunday mornings always have a special meaning for me. It’s the only morning in the week on which I do not have to deal with files, conferences and calls from clients, court attendances and on which I … Continue reading

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Free Time

People long for freedom. They have a right to be free. As Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the 18th Century French philosopher said a long time ago, "People are born free, but everywhere they are in chains".  The situation in contemporary society, long … Continue reading

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The Place of the Furies

It is often thought the the principal problem of man in this world is that that he is not rational. But this is not the view of Willaim Barrrett, who wrote "The Irrational Man: A Study in Existential Philosophy", that … Continue reading

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The Soul of Sex

Whenever we think of sex, a flood of images may jostle in our mind: scantily clad female forms in bikinis with mounds of fat enveloped in delicious spheres smoothly swaying under the sun, six packs mounted below broad shoulders with bulging biceps of the … Continue reading

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Rorty’s Ideas

I first came upon the name of Richard Rorty when I was trying to discover something more about what religions and God are all about. In that collection of essays which includes many other authors, he  has been described as a "postmodernist". I … Continue reading

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Are You Sure?

All too often in meetings of what seem a group of nice people in churches or in discussion or study groups or an office meeting, we meet some who are very sure of their own views.  When challenged about certain aspects of … Continue reading

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