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The Final Foucault

I have always admired the care with which Foucault expressed himself, either in public interviews or in his books. He is a truly free man. He refuses to be bound, to be classified, to be labelled, to be pre-determined not … Continue reading

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Another Look, Another Life

Thomas Moore’s wrting has always fascinated me. He is a psychotherapist. He fascinates me as much by the perceptiveness of his insights as by the beauty of his prose. He writes like a poet, always sensitive to the nuances of his suggestive words and his vivid … Continue reading

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What a Wonderful World it would be if….

A man in early 60s stepped into the tiny cubicle at a corner room of the Court Liaison Office in one of the New Territories magistracies. His dark and shining skin spoke of years of exposure to the sun. His thinning hair spoke of the … Continue reading

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A hectic fortnight

It’s been a hectic fortnight. Since my return from the States, it’s been work,, work and more work.   First there’s the work of having to unpack all the books, CDs, DVDs bought and to unbundle all the clothes from the … Continue reading

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The End of a Brief Respite

It is often said that time drags when one is suffering but flies when one is enjoying. It flew for me for more than a week , in Washington.   When I stepped on to the Skyrail more than a week ago, I … Continue reading

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Silence & the Void

It’s good that we get a holiday today. In the middle of the week.   Contemporary city life is simply too hectic.  Everyday, we rush here. We rush there. We’ve  got to answer this telephone call, that telephone call, this email, that … Continue reading

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Another Kind of Bardo

It’s lst July. Sixty years ago today, behind the parapets of the ancient city wall of Tianmen, a young Mao proudly announced "Today, the Chinese people have stood up." or something like that. What he meant was that the workers, peasants and the soldiers … Continue reading

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