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A Night with Beethoven & Jongen

May 31 A Night with Beethoven & Jongen It was another wonderful musical experience last night with Edo de Waart and Olivier Latry, the head organist of the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris. The Program started off with an excerpt from Delius’ opera A … Continue reading

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From Heart to Brain

Just read a chapter of Norman Doidge"s The Brain That Changes Itself on Love and Addiction. Dr. Norman Doidge is a psychiatrist who trotted the globe in search of knowledge about the functioning of the human brain and the physiological … Continue reading

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Daisy Miller

This gem of a novellette about certain types Americans in Europe, which became a much developed theme in Henry James’s later and more ambitiious novels, is a delight to read. It was said to have developed from some gossips about a young … Continue reading

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Another Strange Dream

I had another strange and haunting dream last night. I was sliding down a river, flowing gently between the banks of a lush countryside, with trees and fields all around, rather peacefully, amongst the floating leaves fallen from the trees along … Continue reading

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Finally Free from God

Today is special. I’m finally free from God.   For a long time, I have been searching for God. He is said to be omnipresent. But I found him omniabsent everywhere I looked. Perhaps I did not look for him … Continue reading

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From Morality to God

I was quite suprised at the turnout on Sunday of the Study Group at Baptist College. It was raining cats and dogs. Apparently God is still a huge box office draw, at least amongst certain Christians and academics. The talk … Continue reading

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King of the Gypsies

This Hollywood version of the lives of a group of people which American mainstream society has always regarded with suspicion, incomprehension and for some, a certain romanticism atttempts to chronicle its disintegration through the eyes of the last of its "kings" . … Continue reading

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